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Metabolites related to COPD

Within a clinical study the exhaled breath of persons suffering COPD without and with lung cancer and healthy volunteers was investigated using an Ion Mobility Spectrometer coupled to a Multi-Capillary Column without any pre-separation or pre-enrichment. A single analyte was be able to separate the two groups of healthy persons and those such suffering from COPD with and without lung cancer. The sensitivity obtained was 60%, the specificity 91%, the positive predictive value 95%. The peak was characterized as cyclohexanone (CAS 108-94-1). Thus, a concentration of cyclohexanone above the threshold could be seen as an indicator for COPD. Within 2013 a decision tree modell was formed including the VOCs PA 8, Ammonia, 2-Ethyl-1-Hexanol and PA 12 were in total 92 (97 %) of the patients suffering COPD and 23 of the healthy controls (65 %) are classified correctly. The identity of the peak used for separation of the two groups must be validated with a greater population and external standards. Additional studies with a higher population and parallel measurements using GC/MSD will support the identification further. 


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