Overview of our applications


Bacteria – Metabolites of bacteria and fungi

In an in vitro study IMS-chromatograms of different bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus agalactiae, Haemophilus influenzae,...


Bronchal Carcinoma – Differentiation Bronchial Carcinoma / Healthy

Breath analysis by IMS can detect a discriminating combination of VOCs in patients with lung cancer. By pattern recognition without the need for chemical analysis of the underlying VOCs, IMS has...

COPD all in one

COPD – Metabolites related to COPD

Within a clinical study the exhaled breath of persons suffering COPD without and with lung cancer and healthy volunteers was investigated using an Ion Mobility Spectrometer coupled to a...


Halitosis – Signals for bad breath

Bad breath is e.g. related to bacteria producing sulfur containing compounds. Such compounds could be detected using BioScout directly. A quantification becomes possible using external...

Signal comparison before, during and after dialysis

Dialysis – Kidney dialysis

Differences were found in the human breath before and after kidney dialysis. Some compounds will be decreased during dialysis. Other analytes are arising. Whether breath analysis could support by...

Rejection Prognosis

Rejection Prognosis – Early recognition of lung rejection

Presently, the spectrum of metabolites occuring after a lung transplantation is under consideration. A first candidate as metabolite correlated to a rejection is shown in the figure right.

Tumor Type

Tumor Type – Tumor metabolites

Ion mobility spectrometry coupled to a multi capillary column (MCC/IMS) is currently evaluated for the analysis of exhaled breath to diagnose lung cancer. The origin of specific volatile organic...

Hunter Disease

Hunter-Syndrome Enzyme Treatment – Time series at Hunter-Syndrome

Hunter disease is a mucopolysaccharidosis for which enzyme replacement therapy with idursulfase has been offered fan be monitored by the urinary concentration of dermatansulfate and...

Soledum Peaks

Medication Control – Time series of metabolites related to pharmaceuticals

In human breath metabolites were found relatable to pharmaceuticals. Time series are obtained by investigation of single analytes directly. 


Anaesthesie Monitoring – Detection of chemicals used in anaesthetics

In human breath signals of chemicals used in anaesthetics are detectable directly. E.g. propofol could be determined and quantified in human breath. Direct correlations were found between the...