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Signal comparison before, during and after dialysis

Dialysis – Kidney dialysis

Differences were found in the human breath before and after kidney dialysis. Some compounds will be decreased during dialysis. Other analytes are arising. Whether breath analysis could support by...

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Medication Control – Time series of metabolites related to pharmaceuticals

In human breath metabolites were found relatable to pharmaceuticals. Time series are obtained by investigation of single analytes directly. 


Anaesthesie Monitoring – Detection of chemicals used in anaesthetics

In human breath signals of chemicals used in anaesthetics are detectable directly. E.g. propofol could be determined and quantified in human breath. Direct correlations were found between the...



21.07.2016 26th Annual ISIMS Conference, July 23-27, 2017
30.11.2016 IABR breath summit 2018, May 28-30
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