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Medication Control – Time series of metabolites related to pharmaceuticals

In human breath metabolites were found relatable to pharmaceuticals. Time series are obtained by investigation of single analytes directly. 


Bronchal Carcinoma – Differentiation Bronchial Carcinoma / Healthy

Breath analysis by IMS can detect a discriminating combination of VOCs in patients with lung cancer. By pattern recognition without the need for chemical analysis of the underlying VOCs, IMS has...

Tumor Type

Tumor Type – Tumor metabolites

Ion mobility spectrometry coupled to a multi capillary column (MCC/IMS) is currently evaluated for the analysis of exhaled breath to diagnose lung cancer. The origin of specific volatile organic...



21.07.2016 26th Annual ISIMS Conference, July 23-27, 2017
30.11.2016 IABR breath summit 2018, May 28-30
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