Founded January 16th, 2009
Corporate purpose of B & S Analytik is the development, the assembly and the distribution of analytical equipment as well as the development and distribution of software and data bases. Emphasis is placed on the fields of medicine, process analysis and safety engineering. B & S Analytik GmbH is a spin-off related to ISAS - Institute for Analytical Sciences, Dortmund.


The company Harada starts distribution in Japan.

Ganshorn Medizin Electronic starts distribution in the fields of pneumology and pharma.

2013 - The new family of products was launched

  • BioScout - Breath Analysis - Metabolites within human exhale
  • BioScout - Anaesthesia - Monitoring of Propofol in exhale
  • BreathDiscovery - Animal - Metabolites within exhale of animals
  • BreathDiscovery - Bacteria/Cell cultures - Metabolites of cultures on Bacteria or cells